It Ain’t Over til it’s Clover

It may just be St. Patrick’s Day today, but I feel like I’m all Irish’ed out from my celebrations this past Sunday, March 12. No, I am not referring to an epic party of some sort. I am referring to the 5K I took part in.

Don’t worry, you read that right, no one has taken over my blog without me knowing… I participated for the Huntington Society of Canada, my new job. And like always, I dragged Jake with me.

You’ll be Dublin Your Luck by Reading This Post

All About Antiques

Lately, I have been trying my hand at being self employed. Although I am still working at Reid’s Dairy, I am also trying to get into the Public Relations Field as I wait for graduation and while I put feelers out at companies, I am doing some independent work. One of my independent jobs, is for Bay of Quinte Tourism’s upcoming Antiques Trail. So today, I was getting paid to shop for antiques.

Find Out All About the Antiques I saw!

Who Cut the Cheese?

On the weekend of June 4 and 5, I had the opportunity to represent Bay of Quinte Tourism at The Great Canadian Cheese Festival in Picton, Ontario. I had never been to the event before, but was told that I would absolutely love it and boy did I ever! As usual, I dragged Jake with me and started our journey of all things cheese.

Get Cheesey With Me

Cruising the County

As many of you now know, I am completing my PR internship this summer with Bay of Quinte Tourism in Belleville. What you may not know, though, is how awesome this internship is. I have so many opportunities to interact with the community, explore cool places and learn new things every day. One of these amazing opportunities arose today.

Cruise the County With Me!

The Windy City

Just last night, I landed back in the good old 6ix, getting back from my trip with the Durham College Public Relations program to Chicago, Illinois. This trip has been in the works for the program since September 2015 and was planned by our program coordinator and the seven chair members. As documentation chair, I was required to create, distribute and organize all paperwork for the trip to ensure it went smoothly, so I was quite happy when the trip finally arrived, but now I am sad it is over!

Check Out my Chicago Adventure!